A Spark of Exellence

A Spark of Exellence
A Spark of Exellence

Koldan diamonds is a family-owned company that operates from the heart of the Israeli Diamond Center in Ramat Gan

Our love for diamonds led us to become a boutique manufacturer with access to unique suppliers of rough and polished diamond around the world. This allows us to create an exclusive inventory that renews itself with the new needs of our clients.

First Generation

The family’s first steps into the diamond industry were taken by Mr. Uriel Koldanov (1919 – 2010) in the early 1940s. Read More...

Second Generation

It was only natural that his son, Mr. Dan Koldan, became his best student. After a few years when the young Dan lived in Milan (Italy) where he operated a diamond company. Read More...

Third Generation

Mr. Harel Koldan, Dan’s elder son, joined the diamond industry after graduating from university, where he majored in Business Management and Philosophy.


At Koldan diamonds, we see our clients as our partners in distributing our diamonds around the world. We do our best to exceed their expectations, creating a long-term relationship with each and every one of our buyers.

We believe that a diamond, a symbol of love and prosperity, should be seen as a piece of art. We also believe that the gleam within your diamonds we bring to you reflects the long journey they took.

Koldan diamonds is a family owned company
that is operating from the heart of the Israeli
Diamonds center.



Israel Office

Diamond Exchange - Maccabi building Suite 832-3

1 Jabotinsky St. Ramat-Gan ISRAEL

Office +972-35750104-5

Fax +972-35750106

Koldan Harel +972-54-3977417

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